Artemin gallery 創立於2020年,品牌以其為名,期望自身對於藝術的感知有如神經傳導般的敏銳與快速,並致力於尋找生活中每刻光景與藝術的連結,找尋潛力藝術家,發現當代藝術的無限可能。

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『 BLINK | 霎 』寓意轉瞬即逝的剎那間就能改變整個世界,同時延伸至靈魂不受限制的意象。

在本次展覽中,KABEKUI透過生活中的矛盾和美感尋找靈感,試圖連結自我內在與外在的世界,並藉由同名角色『 KABEKUI 』,傳達靈魂不受束縛、突破界限的概念,而複雜且交織的線條,象徵著生命的曲折與蜿蜒,探索人生中的轉折與變化。

KABEKUI的創作風格像生物一般,不斷演化並成長,在BLINK展覽中,更首次詮釋了『 GIJINKA 』,透過擬人化的方式表達出人類情感,他能夠自由地在空間中來回流動,就像是在一瞬間, 能夠消融掉所有的障礙與束縛,並不斷演化且不受拘束。

這是『 KABEKUI 』與『 GIJINKA 』第一次出現在 Artemin Gallery 的新空間,以各種不同的樣式與大家相遇,期待觀眾在展覽中,能沉浸在不同形式的媒材、空間、線條和人之中,獲得一個全新的體驗,並從中汲取一些勇氣和色彩,為生命旅程增添更多的啟發和思考。


展期 : 2023/06/03 – 07/08

開幕:2023/6/3 |13:00 – 17:00

地點 : Artemin Gallery (111 台北市士林區基河路251巷32號1樓)


BLINK | 霎 | KABEKUI | Artemin Gallery

『 BLINK | 霎 』symbolizes how a fleeting moment can change the entire world, extending to the boundless imagination of the soul.

In this exhibition, KABEKUI seeks inspiration through the contradictions and beauty of life, attempting to connect the inner and outer worlds of the self. Through the character『 KABEKUI 』the artist conveys the concept of an unrestricted soul that breaks through boundaries. The complex and interwoven lines symbolize the twists and turns of life, exploring the turning points and transformations in one’s journey.

KABEKUI’s artistic style evolves and grows like a living organism. In the BLINK exhibition, the artist introduces the concept of 『 GIJINKA 』for the first time. By anthropomorphizing emotions,『 GIJINKA 』can freely flow within the space. It’s as if, in an instant, all obstacles and constraints can melt away, allowing for continuous evolution and freedom from limitations.

This exhibition is the first appearance of『 KABEKUI 』and『 GIJINKA 』in Artemin Gallery’s new space. They meet the audience in various styles and hope visitors can immerse themselves in different forms of media, space, lines, and people within the exhibition. The audience can gain a brand-new experience and draw courage and colors from it, adding more inspiration and contemplation to their life journey.


Date: 2023/06/03 – 07/08

Opening Reception: 2023/6/3 |13:00 – 17:00

Venue: Artemin Gallery (No. 32, Ln. 251, Jihe Rd., Shilin Dist., 111, Taipei City, Taiwan)