Artemin gallery 創立於2020年,品牌以其為名,期望自身對於藝術的感知有如神經傳導般的敏銳與快速,並致力於尋找生活中每刻光景與藝術的連結,找尋潛力藝術家,發現當代藝術的無限可能。

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Brian Chen

Artemin Gallery


Materializing Value through Fiber Art

Value is an unquantifiable essence that exists within the framework of perception, sometimes concrete and sometimes abstract. It takes on different forms in varying temporal and spatial contexts. This solo exhibition not only presents a visually diverse display through the interplay of abstraction and concreteness but also intricately combines fibers and stitches to subtly reveal that the establishment of value involves the resilient intertwining of layers upon layers of human elements and objects.

Within this seemingly serene and pure facade lies a complex web of messages and relationships, creating a profound contrast between intimacy and distance.

The visual theme is threaded with a sense of era, driven not solely by the artist’s personal preferences but more so by the artist’s observations. In the swift pace of things when value is established and transferred, objects progress rapidly, but humans often move at a slower pace. When observed on a relative timeline, humans, although the creators, become followers of value.

In the age of capital digits, it is easy to conflate value with price. Through this body of work, the artist aims to prompt viewers who resonate with the pieces to delve deeper into contemplating the essence of value.



Date: 2023/12/30 – 2024/02/06

Opening Reception: 2023/12/30|15:00

Gallery Address: Artemin Gallery (No. 32, Ln. 251, Jihe Rd., Shilin Dist., 111, Taipei City, Taiwan)