Artemin gallery 創立於2020年,品牌以其為名,期望自身對於藝術的感知有如神經傳導般的敏銳與快速,並致力於尋找生活中每刻光景與藝術的連結,找尋潛力藝術家,發現當代藝術的無限可能。

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YuChun Chen (1980 – )

YuChun Chen (1980–)
Born in Changhua, now living in Tamsui
Master of Fine Art, Fo Guang University, Taiwan

2024 Group Exhibition “Solitary Walks” at Artemin Gallery, Taipei
Solo Painting Exhibition “WE ARE ALL MIRRORS” at Madeleine Art Gallery, Taipei
Group Exhibition (Frame and Artwork Auction) “Time Art” at Bios Frame workshop, New Taipei
2021 Joint Exhibition “The Path in Dream from Adventure and Mist” at Shu-Te University, Kaohsiung
2021 Solo Painting Exhibition “Transcription of Dreams” at Changhua County Art Museum, Changhua
2020 Solo Painting Exhibition “Sound of Silence” at Gather Art Gallery, Kaohsiung
2020 Solo Exhibition “The Song of Memories” at Vicino Cafe, Changhua
2020 Solo Painting Exhibition “Beyond The Face” at White Cube Cafe, Changhua
2016 Solo Photography Exhibition “Collection” at Share Art Space, Kaohsiung.
2016 Formosa Art Show, Humble House, Taipei
2015 Solo Exhibition “Song Without Words” at Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung.
2015 Solo Photography Exhibition “Shades of Light” at Pasadena Italian House, Kaohsiung
2015 Solo Exhibition “Time Within Time” at Changhua Arts Museum, Changhua
2014 Duo Exhibition “Shades of Light” at Sen Art Gallery, Ilan
2010 Duo Exhibition “A Floating Life” at Fu-xing Bocach Gallery, Changhua
2007 Duo Exhibition “Ukiyo-e of Love and Lies” at Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei
2006 Group Exhibition “Women Leap Forward: Exhibition of Contemporary Taiwanese Female Artists” at Chienkuo Technology University Collection Hall, Changhua
2006 Group Exhibition “Taiwan Contemporary Art Exhibition” at Styler Art Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
2005 Group Exhibition “Women Leap Forward. Dialogue between Soul and Visual Art” at National Hsinchu Living Arts Center, Hsinchu
2004 Group Exhibition “Taiwan.Female.Art” at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin
2001 Photography Exhibition “Drying Yard” at Tainan University of Technology, Tainan