Artemin gallery 創立於2020年,品牌以其為名,期望自身對於藝術的感知有如神經傳導般的敏銳與快速,並致力於尋找生活中每刻光景與藝術的連結,找尋潛力藝術家,發現當代藝術的無限可能。

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開幕活動 /Welcome to the JUNGLE | POORBOY

Welcome to the JUNGLE | POORBOY

Step into the first-ever art exhibition by POORBOY in Taiwan, where we invite you to embark on a captivating journey through this fantastical forest. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating and awe-inspiring atmosphere of this uniquely extraordinary place that beckons exploration. Guided by the characters brought to life by POORBOY and crafted by the hands of this highly skilled artist, you will be led into enigmatic realms that may seem unreal but are, in truth, very much real… in the realm of imagination!

This forest is a tapestry of vibrant, otherworldly colors, a departure from the familiar. Here, you might hear the sounds of hues and catch whiffs of scents you’ve never before encountered through the shapes and forms adorning the artwork. Emotions come alive, vividly conveyed through the expressive gestures of the whimsical white-haired characters. All these elements coalesce, forming a forest that belongs to both them and you, ripe for exploration. Much like life itself, it brims with a myriad of stories just waiting to be uncovered.

In this forest, anything is possible. So, when you’re ready, take that step and experience it for yourself.

Welcome to the JUNGLE

Date: 2023/11/04 – 12/09

Opening Reception: 2023/11/04|14:00

Gallery Address: Artemin Gallery (No. 32, Ln. 251, Jihe Rd., Shilin Dist., 111, Taipei City, Taiwan)